Changes to student charge

Published July 2017

What changes are happening to student charge?

Beginning in August, The Mizzou Store, Campus Dining Services and MizzouRec will no longer allow students to charge items that are not academic or educational in nature. The Mizzou Store will continue to accept student charge for educational items such as books for class, required software and technology, commencement regalia, and class supplies. MizzouRec will accept student charge for select programs, including TigerX classes and RecSports.

Why are these changes occurring?

We know that one of the main reasons students do not complete their degree at Mizzou is due to financial challenges. In reviewing the student charge program, MU leaders were concerned that some students were acquiring unnecessary debt that affected student success. Our overall goal is to provide all students with a sound foundation so that they are on a path to success and do not face hurdles during their college career including financial challenges.

How can I make purchases without student charge?

Students can use an alternative form of payment for non-educational purchases. One option is to load Tiger Cash on your TigerCard, which allows your ID to work like a pre-loaded card at The Mizzou Store, all Campus Dining Services locations and zouLIFE services at MizzouRec.

What is Tiger Cash?

Tiger Cash is ideal for any student who carries a Mizzou ID card and spends time on campus. The TigerCard Manager allows users to deposit funds into a prepaid account that can be used at The Mizzou Store, all Campus Dining Services locations and zouLIFE services at MizzouRec. Students and family members can deposit funds at or in person at the Campus Dining Services office above Plaza 900 or The Mizzou Store customer service desk in the MU Student Center.

What about tickets for concerts and football games? Will there be additional changes to student charge?

For now, student charge can be used to buy tickets to cultural and sporting events. However, the university continues to assess the student charge program. A working group, which includes representatives from various MU departments and students, is looking at all other uses of student charge. The working group will be submitting a report in the spring of 2018.

Are there other financial resources for decreasing my student debt?

Mizzou takes student debt very seriously, and we’re proud that our students graduate, on average, with $8,000 less in student debt than the national average. Our Office of Student Financial Aid works directly with the Office for Financial Success to mentor students about certain types of financial aid, how debt will affect them in the future and budgeting. We encourage our students to take advantage of the free services these offices offer.