Access to myZou

Whether you are a faculty or staff member who needs to view a student account as part of your job responsibilities or you work in one of MU's Cost Centers across campus that applies charges to students' accounts, it is necessary to obtain security access to view or enter information into myZou. Gaining security access to myZou is a simple four-step process:

  1. Pass FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) with at least an 85% score.
    1. If you have already taken and passed the FERPA test with at least an 85% score, just note that in your request.
    2. If you need to take the FERPA test, you may self enroll in Blackboard per these instructions.
  2. Determine what access you need for your job responsibilities.
    1. SF General Inquiry allows you view-only access to student account information.
    2. SF Cash Group Post, for Cost Centers, allows you to enter cashiering transactions occurring at your department into groups that are then posted to the student account.
    3. You can also request "the same access as" a co-worker or someone whose place you are taking.
  3. Get Department Head/Dean's approval for the requested security access. Email your FERPA score and access requested to Department Head/Dean for approval.
  4. Email Office of Cashiers to request access. Forward email with FERPA score, access request and Department Head/Dean's approval to Kim Brooks, Office of Cashiers, to request access.

If you require myZou security access to other areas, such as Registrar's access, Admissions access or Financial Aid access, you must complete the myZou Security Request Form. This form is found on the Registrar's Office website, along with instructions for completing and processing the form.