Student budget worksheet

Few students pay for college from just one funding source. You will likely use some combination of savings, parent or family contributions, scholarships, grants, loans, and work study. It is important that you understand how much it will cost you, for all your expenses, to attend college. Once you have done this, you can match up this information with available funding sources to know exactly where the funds will come from. Time spent planning now will save time and money later and help reduce money concerns so you can focus on the primary reason you are here — to learn!

This budget worksheet (requires Excel) can help you plan for all of your expenses. It will allow you to do "what if" scenarios using a variety of circumstances. For example, you can calculate the total amount of financial support (funding sources) you will need if you bring a car to school. Going through this process will help you understand the true cost of attending college and plan for expenses you may not have anticipated. Remember to be consistent in your calculations by using the appropriate annual, or per semester, amounts throughout the worksheet depending on the time frame over which you want to prepare your estimates.

Helpful links for completing the worksheet: