Educational Assistance

Educational assistance pays 75% of your tuition and course fees up to 6 hours in Fall and Spring and 3 hours in Summer. If you are auditing a class (no credit received for the class) then educational assistance pays 100% of the tuition and course fees up to 6 hours Fall and Spring and 3 hours Summer.

You are responsible for paying the Student Activity Fee and Information Technology Fee. If you are assessed Prepaid Health Fee and Student Recreation Facility Fee, you are also responsible for those. See the fees page for current fee amounts.

A retiree has 100% of all fees paid except non resident fees and can take classes on a space available basis.

To apply for educational assistance, please complete the authorization form at the UM HR Forms website. Please return your form to the address on the bottom of the form:  Faculty and Staff Benefits, Woodrail Centre. The benefits office will sign your form and send it to the Cashiers Office.

Please see the Human Resource Manual HR303 for additional information.