Explanation of Fees

Information Technology Fee

This is a mandatory fee assessed to all students on a per credit hour enrolled basis. This fee is allocated to the campus computing division, to offset the costs of usage, maintenance and upgrading of the computer facilities and services for students.

Prepaid Health Fee

The prepaid health fee supports the MU Student Health Center and important health and safety initiatives on our campus.  The health fee covers a number of behavioral health services:

  • Behavioral health consultation during medical visits
  • Timely appointments (same week)
  • Initial assessment and treatment visits (up to four, if needed) to psychologists, social workers and psychiatrists
  • If more than four visits are needed, charges are filed to insurance
  • Stress reduction strategies including health coaching, skill-building classes and mindfulness practices like yoga and meditation

The Student Health Center contracts with most major insurance networks.  Medical charges are based on the student's specific health insurance coverage. The Health Center collects the copay determined by the insurance plan and files the insurance claims. For more information about how insurance works at the Health Center, visit their web site.

Students without insurance will receive the care they need along with financial guidance.

Undergraduate students are assessed this fee if enrolled in 7 hours or more for each of the Fall and Spring terms and 6 hrs or more for the Summer term. Graduate students are assessed this fee if enrolled in 7 hours or more for each of the Fall and Spring terms and 4 hours or more for the Summer term. The prepaid health fee is optional with lesser hours.

Recreation Facility Fee

This is a mandatory fee charged to all campus students enrolled in 7 or more hours for each of the Fall and Spring terms and 6 or more credit hours for the Summer term regardless of usage. The Recreation Facility Fee allows students to use campus-based indoor and outdoor facilities as a self-service participant. Recreation facilities include a cardio gallery, basketball courts, four pools for fitness and leisure, boxing gym, racquetball courts, several weight-lifting spaces, indoor track, and outdoor track, fields, and sand volleyball courts.  Campus students who are enrolled in less than 7 hours for each of the Fall and Spring terms or less than 6 hours if it is the Summer term may opt to include the charge if they would like to access the recreation facilities.

Student Activity Fee

This is a mandatory fee charged to all students in an on-campus program regardless of usage. The Student Activity Fee provides funding for student governments and organizations, facilities, student development and counseling services, debt service, and student services. The fees are approved annually by the Board of Curators at the recommendation of the Chancellor. The proposed fee recommendations are reviewed by the Student Fee Review Committee.  Students are assessed the fee per credit hour until they reach the maximum assessment.  (Undergraduates - 12 hours; Graduates - 9 hours for spring and fall.  For summer, 6 hours for undergraduates and graduates.)

Supplemental Course Fees

Governed by The Board of Curators of the University of Missouri and approved annually, supplemental course fees are assessed for enrollment in specific academic courses. Various colleges and schools use course fees to achieve specific degree and program requirements such as minimum student/faculty ratios or other conditions required for academic accreditations.  In addition, they are used to offset the high costs of laboratory learning for some programs or to enhance the student experience and provide nontraditional learning opportunities critical to students as they prepare for the competitive and ever changing job market.