About Us

The Cashiers Office at the University of Missouri-Columbia is responsible for managing student finances, advising departments on safe operations as it relates to their fiscal responsibilities, and providing training to MU staff as it relates to student finances and cash handling. The Cashiers Office is made up of several different units:

  • Accounts Receivable — The primary focus of this unit is to counsel parents and students regarding their individual student accounts. This is achieved by answering questions, accepting and processing payments, and managing the student financial enrollment process.
  • Front-line Cashiering — As the name may indicate, the primary focus of this unit is to operate as the main point of contact for student payment processing in person. This unit also operates as the campus depository offering banking type services to many of the units on campus.
  • Refund Processing — The goal of this unit is to manage the refund process in an efficient and safe manner.
  • Sponsor Billing — This unit directly bills sponsoring agencies and businesses as a service to the student and their sponsor. Included in these sponsors are businesses and countries from all over the world, as well as University departments.