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Address changes

How do I change my address?
Address changes must be made through myZou. After logging into myZou, click on the "Self Service" link, then the "Student Center" link. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the address you need to change.


Can I make payments on my account instead of paying it in full?
Yes, but remember that a one percent finance charge is assessed on the unpaid billed balance each month until the balance is paid in full. The balance must be paid in full by the last payment due date of each semester.
When are bills normally generated?
The bills are generated on or around the 20th of each month.
When are bills due?
The bills are due on the 15th of the following month unless the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday, then they will be due on the previous business day.
Is there any penalty for not paying my bill on time?
Your student account will be subject to a $10 late payment fee if we do not receive the required minimum payment by the due date on your statement. There will be a one percent monthly finance charge on the unpaid billed balance until the balance is paid in full. Past due amounts owed the University must be satisfied by payment in full. If you fail to pay, you may be subject to sanctions including the inability to add/drop classes, elimination of student charge privileges, and denial of access to the Student Recreation Center. Failure to pay may also result in denial of class registration access.  Transcripts or diplomas may be withheld.  Also, payment must be made on time or your classes may be subject to cancellation.
Do you accept online payment?
Yes. You may pay online via direct debit of your checking or savings account through myZou. Payments may also be made on the student account with Mastercard, American Express, VISA, and Discover.  Please be aware a 2.75% service fee applies to credit card payments.
What is the "Tuition" charge on my bill?
This is the cost of your classes. This amount will change each academic year according to the number of credit hours you take each semester and the cost per credit hour.
What is the Information Technology Fee on my bill?
This is a mandatory fee and contributes to the total cost of use, maintenance and upgrading of computing and network facilities and services for students, including public computing sites, e-mail, file storage and similar resources. This charge is assessed per credit hour of classes the student is taking.
I have my own computer, why must I pay the Information Technology Fee charge?
The Board of Curators has determined that this is a mandatory charge for every student attending the University.
What is the Student Activity Fee?
This is a mandatory fee charged to all campus students. This money is allocated to Student Organizations, Student Life, etc.
What is the Recreation Facility Fee?
This is a mandatory fee charged to all campus students enrolled in 7 or more hours for each of the Fall and Spring terms and 6 or more credit hours for the Summer term regardless of usage. The Recreation Facility Fee allows students to use campus-based indoor and outdoor facilities as a self-service participant. Recreation facilities include a cardio gallery, basketball courts, four pools for fitness and leisure, boxing gym, racquetball courts, several weight-lifting spaces, indoor track, and outdoor track, fields, and sand volleyball courts.  Campus students who are enrolled in less than 7 hours for each of the Fall and Spring terms or less than 6 hours if it is the Summer term may opt to include the charge if they would like to access the recreation facilities.
What is the Prepaid Health Fee?
The Prepaid Health Fee allows the student to use the Student Health Center.
I already have insurance, do I still have to pay the Prepaid Health Fee?
Yes, this is a mandatory fee for all full-time campus students.


How do I get an itemized breakdown of bookstore charges?
Contact the Bookstore at (573)882-4254.
Can I make payments on my bookstore charges?
Bookstore charges are part of the student billing system and minimum payments may be offered as an option on the bill. Minimum payments will result in an additional one percent monthly finance charge on the unpaid billed balance.
What should I do if the Bookstore refuses me charging privileges?
Contact the business office of the Bookstore at (573) 882-4254 or in person at the Bookstore administrative office, located on the main level of the bookstore in the Student Center, corner of Hitt Street and Rollins Rd.
How do I get a refund on my books if I drop a class or totally withdraw from the University?
Take your books and your add/drop or withdrawal slip immediately to the reception desk located on the main level of the Bookstore in the Student Center, corner of Hitt Street and Rollins Rd. Credit will be given in the same manner as the books were purchased.
Where can I get an estimate on what my books might cost?
Contact the Bookstore at (573)882-4254 or write to the University Bookstore, University of Missouri-Columbia, Student Center, Columbia MO 65211.
Can I get a refund on my books after using them for the semester?
Refunds on textbooks are left to the discretion of the Bookstore.
Can a student purchase books with a check?
What is the returned check policy at the Bookstore?
  • One check returned: after that check is paid in full, the student may charge and cash checks immediately.
  • Two checks returned: after those two checks are paid in full, the student may not charge or cash checks until the following semester.
  • Three checks returned: the student may not charge or cash checks for five years.
  • Any exception to the above must be made by the bookstore.
What would revoke my check writing privileges at the Bookstore?
Returned checks that were unable to be cleared by your bank, or check amounts exceeding the daily maximum could revoke your check writing privileges. Students who are not financially enrolled for the current semester may not write checks.


Where can a student write a check for cash on campus?
US Bank is located within the MU Student Center and will only cash US Bank checks.
What is the maximum amount I can write a check for?
The maximum is $50.00 per day.
Is there a penalty for checks that do not clear my bank?
Yes, at the present time the University of Missouri charges a returned check fee of $20.00 for each check returned by your bank.
What is the University's returned check policy?
  • One check returned: after it is paid in full, the student's check writing privileges are returned.
  • Two checks returned: after they are paid in full, the student will not be able to write checks until the next semester they are enrolled.
  • Three checks returned: check writing privileges are revoked forever! All future payments will have to be made by cashier's check, money order, or approved credit card.
Who do I contact to pay for a returned check and returned check charge?
Contact the Cashiers Office at:   University of Missouri-Columbia, 15 Jesse Hall, Columbia, MO 65211 or call (573)882-3097. 


Who do I contact to find out what the class rates are?
You may call the Cashiers Office at (573)882-3097. The rates are also available on this website.
Who do I contact to register for the first time?
All inquiries should be directed to the Admissions Office at (573)882-7786.
Who do I contact if I wish to transfer from my present school to the University of Missouri?
All inquiries should be directed to the Admissions Office at (573)882-7786.
Do some schools require a minimum number of hours in order to be accepted in their school?
Yes, you will have to contact your individual school or college.
Are there any special fees assessed other than the Tuition, Non-Resident Tuition, Information Technology, Student Activity, Recreation Facility, and Prepaid Health fees?
There is a course fee assessed on courses taught through specific colleges and schools. Please visit our costs page to see the various costs.
Is there a charge for withdrawing from the University?
If you withdraw after classes start, you will receive a percentage-based refund based on the date you withdraw. The further into the semester the less you will receive as a refund on your bill. Please see refund schedules for the percentage refund. For additional information please see about refunds on our website.
Am I required to have all financial holds cleared before I become enrolled for the next semester?
Yes, you are. Any loan or past due holds must be cleared before you can become enrolled in a new semester.

Continuous enrollment

Specific questions concerning Continuous Enrollment registration and classes should be directed to the Graduate School.
What fees are applicable to a continuous enrollment student?
Any continuously enrolled student taking classes on campus is required to pay the Graduate Level Tuition, Information Technology Fee, Student Activity Fee and any course fees. Continuously enrolled students who are taking classes off campus are not required to pay the Student Activity Fee.
When is the due date for payment of Continuous Enrollment classes?
Please see our billing and due dates page for due dates.
Will I be charged a late fee if I do not pay my bill on time for my class fees?
Yes, if the required minimum payment is not received by the scheduled due date, as communicated on the student's Monthly Billing Statement, a $10.00 late payment fee will apply. If the Minimum Payment or Adjusted Amount Due is paid on or before the scheduled due date, as it appears on the student's Monthly Billing Statement, no late fees will apply.
Is there a non-resident fee for a continuously enrolled student who is out of state?
Continuously enrolled students are not charged a non-resident fee for up to and including 2 hours during each of the Fall and Spring Semesters, and 1 hour during the Summer Session. An out of state continuously enrolled student taking more than the minimum required hours is charged the non-resident fee for any hours above the minimum. In some cases, the student's department will cover the additional non-resident fee.

Family dwelling

Questions about family dwelling can be directed to the Residential Life University Student Apartment office. They are located at 1133 Ashland Road, Columbia, MO 65201. They may also be reached by phone at (573)875-1133 or by e-mail at
Will my rent be placed on my monthly billing statement?
Yes, your rent is placed on your bill each month around the 18th. Bills are mailed out around the 20th of each month and are due in full the 15th of the following month.

Financial aid

Any questions concerning financial aid should be directed to Financial Aid at (573)882-7506.


Any questions concerning grades should be directed to the Office of the University Registrar - Grades.

ID card

Where do I go to get an ID card?
Please see the ID Card website for information on ID Cards.
If I lose my ID is there a charge for a new one and where should I go?
Yes, there is a $15.00 charge and you will need to go to The Mizzou Store in the MU Student Center.


Who is eligible to be enrolled in the student accident and sickness insurance plan?
Current financially enrolled students, their spouse, and/or children.
Who can tell me what the student insurance policy will cover?
Please see the insurance company's website
When do I have to decide on whether or not I want the insurance?
Please see our Costs webpage for deadline dates.


For specific questions about your parking ticket, please contact Parking and Transportation, University of Missouri-Columbia, Turner Garage Level 2, Columbia, MO 65211 or phone (573) 882-4568.
What are the parking charges on my account?
Parking and Transportation issued you a ticket. If payment is not received within a reasonable length of time, tickets are then placed on your student account. There is an administrative charge when you receive more than 5 tickets. From 6 through 10 tickets there is an additional charge of $15 in addition to the face value of the tickets. After 11 tickets the additional charge is $50 in addition to the face value of the tickets.
This parking charge has a transaction date and I was not in school then.
The date shown on your monthly billing statement is the date the charge was entered unto your student account; not necessarily the date you were given the ticket.
If I received a parking ticket yesterday, where do I pay it?
Parking and Transportation, Turner Garage Level 2.
I have already paid for a parking ticket, why am I being billed for it again?
If you feel you are being billed for the same parking ticket, you need to contact Parking and Transportation at (573)882-4568.

Parking permits

For specific questions about your parking permit, please contact Parking and Transportation, University of Missouri-Columbia, Turner Garage Level 2, Columbia, MO 65211 or phone (573) 882-4568.


Please see our refund webpage page for information concerning refunds.

Residential Life

When are Residential Life payments due?
Housing and dining plan charges are billed on a semester basis, with a $325 advance payment required upon return of your contract.  The full semester balance is due as stipulated on the same University bill as your tuition.  Any balance of charges not paid by the deadline indicated on the billing statement will be assessed a one percent monthly finance charge.
How many payments do I have to pay for my housing and dining plan?
Your Residential Life charges for the semester are calculated with tuition and other fees and appear on the same bill as your tuition.    See MU's Payment Options page for fall and spring payment due dates.  For the Summer session, Residential Life charges are due in full with the submission of the contract.
What is the room damage charge for?
All questions on room damage should be directed to Facilities Operations, University of Missouri-Columbia, 8 Defoe Hall, Columbia, MO 65211 or phone (573)882-7211.
Can I use my financial aid to pay my residence hall charges?
Yes, residence hall charges that are charged to your student account can be paid by the available financial aid.

Sponsor billing

Please see our Sponsor Billing webpage.


For any questions concerning transcripts, please contact the Transcript Office.