Billing and Due Dates

Bills are generated on or around the 20th of each month.  A student's account is billed for the full account balance for each payment date. However, a minimum payment is allowed. The minimum payment amount equals the current term charges, divided by the number of scheduled payment dates remaining in the semester, plus the total of any previous semester remaining balance. The fall semester has four months of payments, spring semester has four months of payments and the summer session has three months of payments.

Minimum paymentsand payment due dates

The required minimum payment must be made by the due date to avoid being subject to sanctions or cancellation. The due date is the 15th of each month.  If the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday, payment is due the previous working day. 

Fall semester due dates are: Aug. 15, Sept. 15, Oct. 15, and Nov. 15.

Spring semester due dates, effective Spring 2018, are: Jan. 15, Feb. 15, March 15, and April 15.

Summer session due dates are: May 15, June 15, and July 15.

Students may also pay the total due or any amount greater than the required minimum. Any payment amount less than the total due results in a 1% monthly finance charge on the unpaid billed balance. Enrollment is not complete until the minimum payment is made. A student's ID will not be activated (for bookstore charging, use of the student rec center, etc.) until the required minimum payment is made.

Missing a due date

Your student account will be subject to a $10 late payment fee if we do not receive the required minimum payment by the due date on your statement. If we do not receive the required minimum payment, you may also be subject to sanctions, including denial of access to the Student Recreation Center, elimination of student charge privileges, and inability to add or drop classes. Failure to pay will also result in denial of future registration access and withholding of transcripts or diplomas.

If your student account continues to be delinquent, your classes will be subject to cancellation. If you went through early registration, you will have to register again (during regular registration) to re-enroll in classes after we receive the required payment. If you re-register after classes have begun, this will be considered a late registration, and you will incur a late registration fee equal to one credit hour of tuition at the undergraduate rate. If your classes are cancelled due to nonpayment, any refund to you will be subject to the University's refund schedule.

Past-due amounts owed the University must be satisfied by payment in full. If necessary, the University will pursue appropriate collections practices, which may include referrals to a collection agency for accounts that remain past due, resulting in an additional collection charge of up to 50% of the balance.

Finance charges

The University assesses a 1% monthly finance charge on the unpaid portion of the billed balance. The finance charge is based on the previous billed balance and will not be assessed on the current charges for that billing cycle. Students may avoid the finance charge by paying the total billed balance each month.

Where are bills sent?

If a student has granted eConsent, all bills are sent to the online billing system, and an email is sent to the student at his/her MU email address. If the student has added authorized users, they will also receive an email notifying them that bills are ready to view online.

If a student has not granted eConsent, all bills are sent to the student's permanent address, unless a separate billing address is provided.

Students wishing to have all monthly billing statements sent to an address other than their permanent address may make that request at the Cashiers Office, 15 Jesse Hall.

The request must be made by the student and requires the student's signature.