Sponsor Billing

If part or all of your educational expenses are being paid by an embassy, agency or company, you can elect to have them billed directly through our Sponsor Billing process. We require official written authorization from the sponsor, including:

  • Your full name and student number or social security number
  • The time period their sponsorship covers (one semester or multiple semesters, for example)
  • Specification of the fees to be covered, or specifically not covered, under the agreement or a maximum dollar amount if appropriate
  • Specific authorization for the University of Missouri-Columbia to bill them on your behalf
  • The name and address of the sponsoring agency where the bills should be sent, with a phone number for us to call if we have questions

The authorization should be directed to:  Cashiers Office, University of Missouri-Columbia, 15 Jesse Hall, Columbia, MO 65211; Attn: Sponsor Billing.  If you have questions please call (573)882-9138 or email Mariden Albrecht at albrechtmc@missouri.edu.

Upon receipt of a complete billing authorization, your student account will have a credit posted for the amount authorized and we will discontinue billing you for that amount. We will then bill your sponsor directly on your behalf AFTER the refund period ends. If the sponsor does not pay in a timely manner, the credit will be removed from your account and you will be responsible for this sum again, including the accrual of finance charges.  We do not take credit cards as a payment method from your sponsor.

If the amount your sponsor is willing to pay satisfies your student account balance, you will automatically be financially enrolled for the term. If the amount your sponsor is willing to pay does not satisfy your student account balance, you must make the minimum payment or more on your student account to become financially enrolled and retain your classes.

Fees charged to sponsors

Students who participate in the International Sponsored Student Program (ISSP) at MU will have a $400 per student charge that is billed to the sponsor. ISSP sponsored students enjoy a full range of support services that a traditional student does not need.

Students sponsored by departments

University departments must follow the same policies as those above for outside sponsoring agencies with a few extra guidelines.

  • Grant accounts that are used to pay student fees must have prior approval from the Sponsored Programs Office in 501 Mizzou North before crediting a student's account. If you do not obtain approval before sending to us, we will obtain it, which may delay processing.
  • Be sure to add budget under account code 760001 to prevent BCM errors.

Please use our standard form to submit the department information to Cashiers.

Sponsor paying for textbooks

If your sponsor is paying for your textbooks, have your sponsor send an authorization to University Stores, University of Missouri-Columbia, 1400 Rock Quarry Rd., Columbia, MO 65211. Or you may fax the authorization to University Stores at 573-884-8050. When you go to the bookstore register with your textbooks, let the bookstore cashier know your sponsor is paying for your books. If your sponsor's authorization has not been set up at the bookstore, then the cashier will call bookstore administrators to see if they have received the authorization but just have not entered it yet. If the bookstore administrators have not received the authorization yet, they will call your sponsor for a fax of the authorization. If this is the case, the bookstore cashier will write up the transaction manually to be entered into the bookstore cashier system after sponsor authorization is received. You can also bring a copy of the authorization with you to the bookstore.

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