Cashiering Services

The Cashiers Office has administrative responsibility for all campus cash collections. The Cashiers Office also has authority to provide the following services to other campus departments:

  • Receive and deposit funds.
  • Act as advisor for all cash handling activities of the campus.
  • Verify that deposits of Cash Receipts Locations and Cash Transmittal Locations are handled and prepared in accordance with University policy and procedures.
  • Supply departments with temporary change funds.
  • Conduct periodic reviews of all cash handling activities to determine that all systems are functioning as intended and that applicable standards are being followed.
  • Monitor Direct Deposit areas for timely deposits and recording of those deposits.
  • Provide banking services for all departments not authorized to deal directly with the bank.
  • Submit foreign funds received by the University to the depository bank for exchange.
  • Assist with Cash Receipts Report (CRRs) access and questions.

Cash Receipts includes coins, currency, checks, money orders, credit cards and other payment forms which may be processed by a financial institution.

A Cash Receipts Location is a physical location (other than the Campus Cashiers Office) for the collection of money for or payment of money to the University. A Cash Receipts Location forwards its receipts to a Cash Transmittal Location, if it is not itself a Cash Transmittal Location.

A Cash Transmittal Location is a Cash Receipts Location that is authorized to transmit money received directly to the campus bank account, the Campus Cashiers Office, or the credit card processing company.

Cash Receiving Locations must be authorized by the Division of Finance - Accounting.

More detailed information may be found in the Cash Receipts Manual or the Business Policy and Procedure Manual.

If you are a department and have questions or would like cash handling training or advisement, please call us at (573)882-6855. Also please see our Training page.