Billing Information

This page explains the billing process for students who are currently enrolled at the University of Missouri.

On-Demand Billing Statements

Currently enrolled students and authorized users will not receive a static bill each month. Instead, they will have the ability to view the “on-demand statement” option within TouchNet 24/7, allowing them to see their current charges.

Payment Plans

Students and/or Authorized Users must pay their student account balance in full OR enroll in a payment plan each semester by the enrollment deadline. Failure to enroll in a payment plan will result in the student account being administratively placed in the Delinquent Payment Plan, which includes a non-refundable, $200 set-up fee.

More information on the various plans can be found here. Email notifications will be sent out before each due date and as new charges and/or credits are added to the student account.

**Authorized users will only receive notifications about payment plans if the student has granted this access in TouchNet. To ensure that your authorized user has been set up to receive notifications, follow these steps:

  • Log into your TouchNet account.
  • Navigate to the authorized user setup under “My Profile Setup.”
  • Click the “Action” icon next to the name of your authorized user.
  • Select “Yes” next to the “Would you like to allow this person to receive your payment plan communications?”

Missing a Payment Plan Due Date

You will be assessed a late fee equal to 1% of the remaining term balance if the required installment is not paid by the due date indicated in your payment plan agreement. Missed installments will result in financial holds being placed on your account, preventing you from registering in future registration activities and/or accessing your transcript until the installments are brought current.

Delinquent Indebtedness

In addition to assessing a monthly late fee, the University will pursue all collection efforts and practices in collecting any unpaid balance. These practices include placing phone calls, mailing/emailing invoices and collection notices, utilizing the Missouri Department of Revenue’s Debt Offset Program to intercept state tax refunds, referring the account to a collection agency and having the debt reported on your credit bureau reports, and referring the balance to an attorney to pursue the balance via litigation.

If your account balance is referred to an outside collection agency your account may be assessed an additional collection fee of 30 percent of your outstanding balance. This one-time fee would be used to offset any and all costs and expenses, including reasonable attorney’s fees and collection agency commission that the University may incur in such collection efforts. The University will also assess any additional expenses incurred in collecting the debt as allowed by law.

All communications concerning disputed debts, including a check or other financial instrument tendered as full satisfaction of a debt, must be sent to:

MU Division of Finance Attn: Collections

319 Jesse Hall

Columbia, MO, 65211


Accepting the terms of eConsent grants students online access to student account information as well as the following:

  • register for courses
  • make changes to your schedule
  • view your schedule
  • view your student account
  • manage your financial aid
  • access grades electronically
  • view appointment times, holds and class schedule
  • request a Student Academic Profile
  • update emergency contacts
  • communicate electronically with the Registrar, Cashiers, Financial Aid and other campus offices regarding your student information

Visit the Office of the University Registrar for additional information about eConsent and how to agree or disagree.