Glossary of Terms and Abbreviations

1098-TA statement that colleges and universities are required to issue to certain students. It provides the total dollar amount paid by the student for what is referred to as qualified tuition and related expenses in a single tax year.
Anthem Student Health InsuranceOffers student health insurance plans for currently enrolled University of Missouri students and their dependents.
Anticipated AidFinancial aid that has been awarded but has not been received and credited to the account.
AutoAccessA charge from the Mizzou Store (bookstore) for online class materials.
Convera A payment solution that provides international payers a way to make their student account payments in their own currency.
Credit BalanceOccurs when personal payments and/or financial aid have paid more than the total amount of charges on the student account.
Direct DepositThe deposit of funds electronically into a bank account rather than through a physical, paper check. Direct deposit is the preferred refund method at Mizzou to receive a timely refund.
Distance StudentA student that has been admitted to a distance degree program through Missouri Online or a non-degree student enrolling in distance courses only.
eCheckAn electronic version of a paper check that provides different payment processing times and less waste. Money is electronically transferred from the payer’s checking account and directly deposited to Mizzou.
E-ConsentEnables students to use the online myZou system to register for classes and manage their schedules and accounts. It also allows students to set up other people, such as parents, to pay bills online.
eRefundsAlso known as direct deposit. A fast, secure, and convenient way to receive your student account refund.
Fee Reassessment ScheduleA schedule that shows the amount of credit, if any, a student will receive if dropping a course. Credit amounts are based on the date the course is officially dropped.
FERPAMizzou adheres to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, (FERPA) which is a federal law protecting the privacy of educational records. It establishes the rights of students to inspect and review their education records and provides guidelines for the correction of inaccurate and misleading data through hearings. After a student enrolls at MU, FERPA rights transfer to the student, regardless of age.
Financial AidFinancial aid, whether offered by a government entity, college or university, or private organization, refers to the money students receive to help offset the cost of college.
Financial HoldA type of restriction imposed by an institution as a result of a student not paying their fees on time.
FlywireA payment solution that provides international payers a way to make their student account payments in their own currency.
GradGuardAn optional tuition protection insurance plan offered by the University of Missouri. Deadline to enroll in GradGuard is the last day for 100% reassessment.
InstallmentsIn payment plans, an installment is an amount due on a specific date. Installments may adjust for new charges, but once marked paid, cannot be adjusted.
Late FeeA fee that is assessed to the student account if a required payment is not made by the payment due date.
Mandatory FeesFees that all Mizzou students are required to pay per semester. The mandatory fees include the Recreation Center Fee, the Student Activity Fee, and the Student Health Fee. Learn more about these fees here.
MyZouThe University of Missouri’s online student registration and management system.
MyZou Additional Authorized User (AAA)AAA users in myZou will have access to view the student’s bookstore sales, academic information, directory information, and financial aid.
On-demand StatementA statement that captures charges and credits for the term that you specify in real-time. On-demand statements can be accessed in TouchNet.
Payment PlanAn agreement with the University of Missouri to pay the student account balance. Mizzou offers a plan consisting of four installment payments.
Returned Check FeeA one-time fee that is charged anytime a check is declined by your bank and is returned to us. A fee will be accessed for physical paper checks and e-check payments. This fee is Non-Refundable.
Refund of Excess Financial AidA refund that is generated because the student’s financial aid exceeds the total amount of charges on the student’s account.
Scheduled PaymentA payment that is AUTOMATICALLY pulled from an account on an agreed-upon date. The payment will be drafted from the account you have designated when setting up the scheduled payment.
Setup FeeAn initial financing fee charged by the Cashiers office when a student enrolls in a payment plan. As stated in the payment plan agreement in TouchNet the setup fee is non-refundable and cannot be waived.
The Set-up Fee is listed as “Finance Charge” on the payment plan agreement.
Statement of Financial ResponsibilityAn acknowledgement of debt incurred when conducting registration activity. A student is agreeing to the financial terms and conditions found in the University’s Statement of Financial Responsibility and must do so on an academic year basis.
Student AccountThe student account is an account where the student’s educational fees are charged and billed. If you receive financial aid, this is where the financial aid is credited. In myZou the student account information can be found in the Financial Account tile.
Student ID NumberThe student number is a unique eight-digit number used to identify a student. It is automatically assigned at the time of application for admission and usually won’t change.
TermThis is another word used to describe a semester or summer term.
Third PartyA third-party sponsorship is one in which another person or agency pays the student’s university fees.
TouchNetThe University of Missouri’s portal for online bill payment and account information.
TouchNet Authorized UserAn individual that has been granted TouchNet access by a student to view account activity, access 1098-T’s, and make payments on the student’s behalf.
TransferMateA payment solution that provides international payers a way to make their student account payments in their own currency.
TuitionRefers to the money students provide their universities in exchange for taking classes. Tuition typically only covers classes and does not include other fees.

CAFNRCollege of Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources
ICInternational Center
SOMSchool of Medicine
SPSelf paced course
VET-MEDVeterinary Medicine