Future Fee Reassessment Schedule

The Spring 2024 fee reassessment amounts are based on academic deadlines for the Spring 2024 sessions listed below and students dropping classes in these sessions will receive reassessments as follows:

  • last day of 100% reassessment – last day to add/change sections
  • last day of 50% reassessment – last day to drop a class without a grade
  • last day of 25% reassessment – up to and including 50% of class length elapsed
  • no reassessment – more than 50% of class length elapsed

**Undergraduate students who stay within the plateau range (12-18 credit hours) will not experience any fee reassessment.

Spring 2024 Reassessment Schedule

Start/End Dates100% Fee Reassessment50% Fee Reassessment25% Fee Reassessment
Full session (01/16/2024 – 05/02/2024)through 01/23/202401/24/2024 – 02/19/202402/20/2024 – 03/11/2024
Full session Law (01/16/2024 – 5/10/2024)through 01/23/202401/24/2024 – 02/21/202402/22/2024 – 03/15/2024
1st 8-week session (01/16/2024 – 03/09/2024)through 01/18/202401/19/2024 – 02/02/202402/03/2024 – 02/12/2024
2nd 8-week session (03/11/2024 – 5/10/2024)through 03/13/202403/14/2024 – 04/03/202404/04/2024 – 04/09/2024

Part of Term Fee Reassessments

or sessions NOT listed above, such as part of term classes, reassessment amounts are based on percentage of class length elapsed before dropping as follows and students may use the Fall/Spring Part Term fee reassessment spreadsheet to calculate their reassessment.  Enter the class start and end dates per what is shown in your myZou “My Class Schedule” and the spreadsheet will calculate the fee reassessment.

  • last day of 100% reassessment – up to and including 8% of class length elapsed
  • last day of 50% reassessment – up to and including 30% of class length elapsed
  • last day of 25% reassessment – up to and including 50% of class length elapsed
  • no reassessment – more than 50% of class length elapsed

Nonpayment drop, class drop, and withdrawal refunds

Fees subject to a fee reassessment include tuition, non-resident tuition, student activity fee, information technology fee, student health fee, recreation center free and any related miscellaneous fees which may have been assessed.

  • Students who have registered for courses, made payment for fees and who subsequently cancel their registration before the first day of classes are eligible for a full fee reassessment.
  • Students whose course has been cancelled by the department will receive a 100% fee reassessment of class fees for that course.
  • Students who are dropped for nonpayment, withdraw from the University, or reduce their course load after classes have begun are subject to the appropriate fee reassessment.

If courses have not been paid in full or if you have a balance owed to cashiers for other items, any credit you receive from dropping classes is applied to your student account balance first, before a refund check is issued. Refunds due to withdrawal from the University are subject to various conditions. For more information, please contact the Cashiers Office at (573)882-3097. Deductions may be made from the refund amount for any other financial obligations owed to the University of Missouri.

No refund shall exceed the amount of fees paid.

Refunds based on credit card payments, when your last method of payment was via credit card, will be electronically refunded back to the credit card up to the amount of that credit card payment.

Students reducing hours or withdrawing from school who have received financial aid should check with the Financial Aid Office to see how your actions will affect your aid award.

Students who withdraw from a study abroad program will be refunded only those costs that can be recovered by MU or the MU Partner Program. Refunds in cases of cancellation of a study abroad program or in cases of a student’s dismissal from or inability to participate in or complete a study abroad program will be subject to limitations stated in the conditions of participation for the program.


A student who drops or withdraws and believes a greater refund should be authorized than provided for in the established schedule may fill out a Refund Appeal Form in the Office of University Registrar. A decision will be made by the Assistant Registrar within 10 days of receipt of the appeal.

A final appeal can be made to the University Registrar-MU within twenty (20) days of the receipt of the decision.

In exceptional cases, such as the death of a student, a 100% fee reassessment may be authorized at any time during the semester.