Paying Your Bill

Everything you need to know!

Students are responsible for paying tuition, fees and all other charges by the due date of each month. Make sure you are checking your student email as that is where you will receive billing notices and other important communications. As an additional authorized access user, you will also receive monthly email notifications when the bill is generated.

Student Login

Login with the student pawprint and password to view/pay your bill, view academics and update personal information.

AAA Login

Additional Authorized Access (AAA) users can login with email and passwords to view and pay the student bill.

What’s on your bill?

The bill is comprised of tuition, mandatory fees, course fees and room and board. Additional fees, for example bookstore charges and parking permits, will be applied the student account if applicable. Throughout the course of the semester, additional charges could also be assessed to the student account based on the student’s activity.