University Accounts & Grants

University Accounts and Grants are two different types of sponsored activity. University Accounts allow campus departments to utilize their general operating funds to cover various costs. University Grants refers to external funding received by the University to complete a scope of work or provide a deliverable.

Grants are associated with “assistance” type of funding (wherein the sponsor is “assisting” the University accomplish activities central to its mission); contracts are associated with “procurement” (wherein the sponsor is “procuring” activities at the primary direction and benefit of the sponsor).

Sponsored activity funding is captured in the University’s General Ledger under funds 2100-2299. Specific questions regarding Grants and Contracts need to be directed to Office of Sponsored Programs Administration.

Students sponsored by departments

If part or all of a student’s  educational expenses are being paid by a department, you can do this through our Sponsor Billing process.

You are required to complete the Sponsored Billing Form online. For more information on how to complete the form, please review the guide. You can also view and edit your form online or if you have further questions please email or call 573-882-6247.

Please note, the new form can only be completed and submitted for one semester at a time, and the student must be enrolled for the semester before the form is submitted to Cashiers.