Sponsored Billing

A third-party sponsorship is one in which another person or agency pays the student’s university fees. Types of third-party sponsors include: Vocational Rehabilitation, military branches, foreign governments or 529 prepaid plans.

Students who do not have full sponsorship for all fees must make the minimum payment to hold selected classes. Students who make only the minimum payment are subject to the 1% monthly finance charge on unpaid billed balances. Past term balances must be paid in full.

We require official written authorization from the sponsor which includes:

  • Your full name and student number or social security number
  • The period their sponsorship covers (one semester or multiple)
  • Specification of fees to be covered or specifically not covered under the agreement or a maximum dollar amount if appropriate
  • Specific authorization for the University of Missouri-Columbia to bill them on your behalf
  • The name and address of the sponsoring agency where the bills should be sent along with a phone number for us to call if we have any questions

Authorization should be directed to:

University of Missouri

325 Jesse Hall

Columbia, MO 65211

Attn: Sponsor Billing

Once we receive the complete billing authorization, we will post a credit for the authorized amount. If the credit covers your fees in full, you will not be billed for the charges after that point. We will then bill your sponsor directly on your behalf AFTER the refund period ends.

If the sponsor does not pay in a timely manner, the credit is removed from your account and we will begin billing you for the fees owed again. You will also be responsible for any finance charges that have accrued. We do not take credit cards as a payment method from your sponsor.